Best Quick Meals For Your Winter Lunch by Catrina Butler

Best quick meals for your winter lunch We know it’s dark when you wake up and dark when you leave for work so why would you want to cook?! You just want to get home, rest and maybe watch something tucked in bed! So what meals are quick, easy and cheap to cook but you’re […]

Sophia’s 100 day Running Challenge Day 28 to 52

Ok .. Hi Lovely peeps, I havent posted since Day 27 so here goes … We have had some very very hot weather but I’m still going. Day 28 I did 2.5 Miles I’m loving running in the sun but I’m waiting until the evenings as its a little cooler and I have to confess […]

day27 - Sophia's 100 day Running Challenge- Zebra Removals

Day 27 – Sophia’s 100 Day Running Challenge

Day 27 today, the legs are still aching a little but I am definitely getting used to running everyday now. I’ve managed to pick my speed up over a mile which is a great confidence boost. I started at around 11.30 minutes and for the past couple of days have consistently hit 9.25 .. which […]

Zebra Removals

Day 22 – Sophia’s 100 Day Running Challenge

  So I’m on Day 22 …. Did I think it would be easier than this … Definitely ! I’ve never been a great runner but have spent the last 12 months trying really hard to get fit and set myself some new challenges. By Day 4 .. ouch I could barely life my legs […]

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Sophia’s 100 Day Running Challenge

If you’ve ever called Zebra Removals to make a booking there’s a good chance you’ve spoken to this lady, Sophia Sophia deals with the day to day running of the office, taking calls, organising staff and generally making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. This is also Sophia – As you can see […]