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Lymm House Clearance

Lymm House Clearance

This week we had the pleasure of clearing a cluttered house in Lymm by the lower Dam.  Despite the sleet and snow our clearance team had the house and outbuidings cleared in one day, including all the carpets, curtains and a piano.

When it comes to house clearances our guys know their stuff.

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5 Reasons We Love House Clearances

Published By Zebra Removals

At some point everyone needs to get rid of some of the stuff they own, maybe it’s old furniture that’s being replaced, maybe it’s old appliances or maybe they need to clear a house belonging to a relative. It can be a difficult and daunting task particularly if you’re faced with having to completely clear a property.

We love clearing stuff, we love clearing houses and offices and we love clearing heavy and bulky items and here’s why:

1. Every day is a new challenge, no two jobs are the same and each job requires a different approach. Some jobs are fairly straightforward and some jobs are more complex. We get great satisfaction from seeing a job through to the end and returning a cluttered property back to an empty one.
2. We’re helping people, sometimes people contact us who have no idea where to start when they need to clear a property. They might live at the other end of the country so travelling to the property is difficult enough without then having to dispose of everything in the property.
3. We’re not stuck in an office, we’re always out and about rather than being stuck behind a desk. Ok that’s not so great in the UK when it’s raining or freezing cold but it keeps us fit.
4. We meet great people, we get a real buzz out of meeting new people and helping them out. It’s great to see the smile on people’s faces when they see their property after we’ve cleared it.
5. We recycle stuff, we divert as much as possible away from landfill, and if it can’t be donated to charity then it’s broken down into its raw materials and made into something else.

It’s a Serious Business ……….

Disposing of large bulky items and clearing houses and offices isn’t easy; it’s tough going and pretty exhausting. There’s a lot of heavy lifting to do and a lot that needs to be co-ordinated. Keys have to be collected, deadlines have to be met and everything that’s removed has to separated depending on what it is. You need the right equipment, the right vehicles and the right workers to get the job done, which luckily we have. House clearing isn’t easy but we love it and the main reason for that is because we’re really good at it …… ok that’s six reasons why we love house clearances.