day27 - Sophia's 100 day Running Challenge- Zebra Removals

Day 27 – Sophia’s 100 Day Running Challenge

Day 27 today, the legs are still aching a little but I am definitely getting used to running everyday now.day27 - Sophia's 100 day Running Challenge- Zebra Removals

I’ve managed to pick my speed up over a mile which is a great confidence boost. I started at around 11.30 minutes and for the past couple of days have consistently hit 9.25 .. which for professional runners is probably still really slow I’m just happy I’m still moving.

Generally now I am not worrying about speed it’s more about picking up my distance and not stopping when you hit a brick wall even if I only do 2 miles I’ts still more than I have ever run before.

I find myself watching other peoples running styles and changing my own slightly as I was definitely to flat footed when I started. Iv’e tried various things some work for me some don’t ……………. what works for you ??


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