Free Furniture Collection Stockton Heath

REDS Fitness (RESILIANCE, EDUCATION, DETERMINATION, SUCCESS) is a FREE fitness initiative aimed primarily at young people to help them understand all areas of fitness, nutrition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

REDS Fitness courses are aimed at young people based in South Warrington who otherwise would be excluded from this kind of activity and would miss out on everything it offers. REDS Fitness offer six-week courses with each course having between 15 and 20 children. They’re run on a Saturday morning from 10-11am at Anytime fitness. The official launch date was Saturday 12th October 2019 with classes officially commencing from 2nd November 2019

As a community interest company REDS Fitness is entirely self funded and one of the ways they raise funds is by re-cycling furniture, household goods,
white goods etc.

In order to help REDS Fitness achieve its goals, Zebra Removals have offered to provide a free collection service and we need good quality furniture and can collect it from you for FREE!

     We can collect any furniture including:

      Beds and bedroom furniture in excellent condition
Household furniture, e.g dining tables and wardrobes
White goods (Washing Machines, Dishwashers)
Sofas and armchairs
Flatscreen TVs
Vintage furniture
Old, quirky or unusual items

Please note donated items must be in good, sellable condition we can’t collect for free upholstered furniture which doesn’t carry a fire safety label or is torn or stained.

REDS Fitness is a truly local social enterprise helping the young people of South Warrington lead a healthier life, make new social contacts and learn to work in a group. REDS Fitness works with the local police service and local council to provide a safe but challenging environment for young people who might otherwise have nowhere to go.

Help out the young people of your local community by making a donation today. Call 01925 497477 or use our contact form by clicking the donate button below.

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