Great Ideas for Valentines Day – By Catrina Butler ( Guest Blogger )

Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is commercially known as ‘the day of love’ where couples celebrate their relationships but a lot of couples find the financial strain after Christmas, New Year and January blues which is why we want to share a few ways you can celebrate V-day without breaking the bank.

1. Check January deals with restaurants and bars and do your research! Just because V-day is in February, some places give you a discount if you book in January.

2. Staying in is sometimes the best night! A bottle of wine, a Chinese and a good film is always a WIN!

3. Go for a nice walk somewhere even if it’s quite a drive. If sit-down, fancy meals aren’t your thing but the outdoors most certainly are, check out the nearest national parks and enjoy V-day without the pressure!

4. Believe us when we say, the small things matter! You can take your partner for the most expensive meal but sometimes, a small gift that your partner has some sort of connect with can mean a lot more.

5. Cooking yourself is always cheaper than eating out!