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Sophia’s 100 Day Running Challenge

If you’ve ever called Zebra Removals to make a booking there’s a good chance you’ve spoken to this lady, Sophia

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Sophia deals with the day to day running of the office, taking calls, organising staff and generally making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

This is also Sophia –

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As you can see Sophia takes her fitness seriously. When she’s not working behind the scenes at Zebra Removals she can usually be found in the local gym lifting weights and swinging kettlebells.

However Sophia’s embarked on a new fitness challenge, she’s running a mile a day for 100 days and we make that ……. 100 miles.  That’s a pretty tall order especially as Sophia herself admits she’s not really a keen runner and much prefers being a girl who lifts.

Sophia’s currently on day 20 of her 100 day challenge and so far she’s going strong. Most days she actually packs in more than a mile and her mile time has droppped from aound 11 minutes to 8.5 minutes. You can track Sophia’s progress on her Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/chugie1sophia/?hl=en and she’ll also be guest blogging on this blog.

If you’re around the Stockton Heath area keep a look out for Sophia doing her stuff, she’ll be the one in the multi-coloured leggings running down the high street with a determined look on her face.

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