Supporting the Local Community – I need your furniture for the generation of tomorrow !

Hi and welcome to Zebra Removals, I am Sophia of REDS Fitness .. not at all what you were expecting on a house removal and house clearance website but here’s why ..

I have set up REDS Fitness (Resilience, Education, Determination, Success) as a community venture to help children and young adults to have a positive attitude towards the benefits of excercise. By providing free fitness classes to all youngsters we can help in many ways. Exam pressure .. excercise produces endorphines which can help relieve the stress, a safe and stable environment for them to burn off excess energy. It also helps to educate them at an early age to be aware of their own mental health happiness. It is proven that if children have a focus group where they can relax unwind and talk to peers they are less likely to have problems with anti social behaviour, stress issues, depression.

and you help this cause .. Zebra Removals has kindly agreed to support this community group by collecting any furniture you could donate to the cause that we can then sell to further fund the project. REDS fitness is also providing free support to the local Sandy Lane Youth Project which is a Cheshire Constabulury run Youth Club on Saturday Evenings again to try and give these youngsters somewhere safe to go rather than roaming the streets and potentially making bad decisions.

The current Fitness Boot Camp on Saturday Mornings is being held at Anytime Fitness Stockton Heath for 6yrs to 13ys old 10am to 11am.

If you would like further details on the project and how you can help the link is attached below.

Thankyou again for taking time to read this post and please comment any thoughts, ideas below